Matchweek 1 by Aimé Mbuyi

Identified on the pitch as the "Eagle/Aigle" by his teammates, Aimé is the star that keeps on rising. After curating the 2022/23 futsal campaign jerseys with a painting of his mother and a quote "On célèbre nos petites victoires/ We celebrate our little victories'', Aimé launched the first matchweek program, this time painting himself as a child. In recent months, Aimé went on to cut & sew a bunch of bootleg tops that were hiding in Angelo's archives. Amongst the display of his body of work, Aimé will do one last special jersey in live prestance.

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Matchweek 2 by Ursule Lamontagne

The long and lanky characters at times resemble awkward performances we all put on a pitch. Always creating, always smiling, Ursule was open to stage a live performance. The idea? To add players to Santi's photos, reminding us of the unseen playing schemes we might miss during fast pace futsal action. These moments were photographed during the 2022/23 futsal campaign by Santiago Uribe Hernandez. Now Ursule has the task of intertwining art and calcio as one.

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Matchweek 3 by Marcello Martinelli

Calcio is what they call football-soccer in Italy. Born in America, raised in Venice (Italy), now living in London, Marcello knows all three pretty well; Calcio, Football and Soccer. Marcello's preference of the latter three remains a mystery, however when it comes to pastries, it will be very difficult to challenge his loyalty. Italian recipes are hard to beat, and also "Peacefully" made to share.

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Matchweek 4 by Meka

Meka can conceptualize art in 2D, 3D, VR and even AI. While bringing sense and spirituality to a virtual world, the Latin phrase "Amat Victoria Curam" translated to English means "Victory Loves Preparation ''. This phrase empowered the crew that has been working restless hours for months now, creating the show. Meka is always able to bring positive messages through gloomy settings, proving that both on and off the pitch teammates can thrive for success.

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Matchweek 5 by LeBicar

Finding permanent ways to install sculptures of flowers around the city, LeBicar made his way into the Ringleaders, first as a goalkeeper during our Tuesday night pick up sessions at College de Montreal. The second being through his art. Admittedly this is the piece that inspired the group show. LeBicar did a montage of his soccer ball wrapped by flowers, photographed it on a backdrop and then made his matchweek program. LeBicar delivered the flowers with a self-tailored quote by Eduardo Galeano "In Soccer, skill is the act of turning limitations into virtues''.

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Matchweek 6 by Dan Funderburgh

The Ringleaders have family in New York, and they go by the name of Chinatown Soccer Club. The two clubs take turns hosting each other in their domestic cities, now for well over a decade. By tradition, the clubs exchange on the pitch and off the pitch. Poster designs, t-shirt collections, photography, art shows... The archive is quite generous. Sometimes striker, or midfielder, defenseman and/or goalkeeper, Dan Funderburgh is a foundational pillar at the CSC. Dan applies arts to all kinds of mediums. This time he made a carpet.

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Matchweek 7 by Danny Demers

"I just moved to London and I have no furniture yet at home, so I didn't have any space to draw or make anything by hand. Someone at work showed me this artificial intelligence software to generate images and I thought it would be an amazing tool for this project! At first I was creating renaissance paintings of angels playing football or greek sculptures of feet covered in snow, but it came out too perfect! I was mad at technology for having perfected art and thought I needed to break the machine and use it for something it was not intended for so I asked it to create football mascots inspired by the music video you sent. The result is these amazing football characters! It was hard to pick, but I chose 12; 11 for a team and 1 for the coach!" wrote Danny Demers.

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Matchweek 8 by Riwan Fezzoua

Nicknamed Riwanito, another star is rising through the ranks. Part of the beauty and magic of the Ringleaders crew is when newcomers enter the club and are able to charm everyone with their talents and personalities. Always positive and joyful, Riwan's illustrations inspire and tease the imaginative mind, at a level that even our city's beloved professional club CF Montreal has requested many collaborations to date, becoming an ongoing series. Riwan made a mazy, tricky, mappy futsal gymnasium crafted by Sarah Pelletier.

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Matchweek 9 by Albert Nguyen

On a club, city and supporters stand point, European soccer and basketball go hand in hand. Things are different here in North America. Regardless of all those cultural differences, it was interesting to experiment with Albert who runs a basketball team/ brand in Montreal. "The supporters are wild, bringing flares, standing up and chanting the entire game" said Albert, "and so I wanted to connect both Ringleaders and Double Dribble through that lens." Using the RFC's club colors, mixed with red flares, we catch a glimpse of what could have been locally between both sports.

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Matchweek 10 by Fred Caron

“The Ringleaders” Directed by Theo Zagorakis, Canada, 1990

The Ringleaders are a football team known for their toughness and determination, but even they are tested by the annual Frostbite Cup, an outdoor winter tournament that requires players to endure extreme cold and even risk losing limbs. This year, Coach Angelo Destounis has a plan to get the team ready for the tournament. He takes them to a remote location where the sun never sets, a place he calls "where time has no time, where nothing matters and nobody cares, where culture is a ritual and dreams become true.”

While there, Coach Destounis puts into practice the team's code of conduct, "Life is good but here it's better," pushing the team to new heights and preparing them for the challenges ahead. Director of Photography Gildas M. Awuye captures the team's journey in a sophisticated photo journal style, offering viewers an artistic look at the world of amateur football.

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Matchweek 11 by Arthur Ramonda

Perhaps on the same path of creativity as LeBicar, the boundless and resourceful J. Arthur flipped a canvas and saw a soccer pitch. In no time, he was able to draw the lines, complete the piece and deliver the matchweek program. On behalf of all the crew working on this exhibition, we can openly admit that Arthur's canvas was the second and final catalyst that pushed this art show to come to life. Arthur was the youngest member to sign for the club at the age of 12. His humbleness, friendliness and passion for creating art over the years has an undeniable positive influence on the club.

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Matchweek 12 by Noémie Beaumier-Turan

This mosaique of snowflakes represents the uniqueness in character and individuality of all the members composing the Ringleaders FC. Noémie is an illustrator, graphic designer, DJ and soccer player. Based on Noémie's matchweek program, only 5 Tote-Bibs w/ zippers were made, dressing all the DJs that will be curating the soundtrack for this memorable night. Noémie's artwort has graced the club on many occasions, leading campaigns and decorating garments.

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Matchweek 13 by June Barry

Also known as BOYCOTT, you may recognize June's artwork gracing backdrops and stages at Moonshine afterhours events all over the world. Connected by association and collaborating on the legendary Midnight Cup, June was able to crossover her aesthetic into a soccer-football setting. Each player was then crafted by Sarah Pelletier, recreating the graphic artwork in IRL, hanging down from the majestic 22 foot high ceiling.

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Matchweek 14 by Bart Graziana

Behind every Ringleader, you find a strong Ringleader. Bart has played a pivotal role in the club for over a decade, participating on and off the pitch, sporting wise and aesthetically. Many collections, many designs, many concepts later, including the historic appearance in EA's FC24 collaboration, Bart will hop on an airplane and fly to wherever he needs to go in order to find his teammates on the field. His "soccer-dog" was selected to mascot the event, taking the lead on the social media campaign. The result is a giant Papier Mâché greeting you at the door, crafted by Sarah Pelletier and Laura Boyce.

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Matchweek 15 by Luca Bernardino

The native Montrealer, now New Yorker, Luca Bernardino is one of the original illustrators of the club. His most recent project for Ringleaders was the inaugural Dark Match campaign for Diadora in the fall of 2022. The best part is that Luca has an extensive body of work in RFC's precious archive that has yet to see the light of day. Luca's enthusiasm ranges from graffiti, to street art, fashion to sneakers, and everything in between. The sticker pack is inspired by his matchweek program, Italian roots, and reminiscent of the days when as youth, hitting up the block with stickers was a pastime.

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Matchweek 16 - Frostbite Cup 2023 Edition by Jeremy Wirth

An artist bio or paragraph inside an insert is not enough to explain how important Jeremy's legacy is when it comes to Ringleaders club, community and brand. Reshaping the look and feel of the logotype in 2007, the "Snowflake" remains a classic and globally recognizable crest. Its simplicity, representing Canada's soccer community, the Frostbite Cup, and celebrating the individuality of every single member of the club (not two snowflakes are the same), is only a segment of his contribution. We'll save the best for the 20th anniversary book. In the meantime, we thought it would be clever to resurrect the famous Ice trophy so we can enjoy it one last time. The work was performed by Suguru Kanbayashi of the Canadian Ice Carvers Society, and brought to you by Sarah Pelletier's father, driving it all the way down from Ottawa in his trailer.

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Matchweek 17 by Lanni Frolov

It made sense to print Libero's art director Lanni Frolov's matchweek program on the back of the IL MISTER jacket. Hailing out of Toronto's garment distraict, Libero is a fashion brand on a steady rise, releasing and creating collection after collection. This jacket was designed and made in Canada, composed of 100% polyester, has an interior pocket and tonal snap buttons for closure. The hit on the back embodies the classic casual stadium jacket with a contemporary twist. Ringleaders x Libero collaboration in the works?

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Matchweek 18 by Thierry Joannette-Langevin

Thierry couldn't have written it better; On Feet. Is it time to congratulate both him and his partner Josh Lessard for launching their creative agency Collection? Should we congratulate everyone that is taking their destiny in their own hands, making moves and attempting to accomplish their dreams? We can and we will. We put this exhibition "On Feet" and ready to show the world, with the help of 21 artists from around the globe, finally breaking the myth; You don't have to play soccer to be in The Ringleaders.

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Matchweek 19 by Vincent Tsang

Vincent's positive impact on today’s youth culture would be an understatement in any way we can even abort the subject. His skills are many, and his legacy globally echoes his progressive vision, his charming approach to detail and his contagious sense of humour, defining him as of the top talents of our generation. While constantly moving up the echelons of mediums, whether it be photography, design, creative directing, painting, just to name a few, Vincent's light is helping shine our local community onto the global stage. The wonderful and wavy curtains were hand sewn by Sarah Pelletier.

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Matchweek 20 by Denis Desforges

You can find Denis playing music with Faze in the back of Lopez, or touring around the world pushing his dream. Denis can do and has done it all. Denis in his own words: "I've been listening to a lot of emo and pop punk with spring on the way. Did a "tour flyer" to match my childish mood at the moment. Let me know if you'd like anything changed. Plus if ever you print this, you can cut it out and glue it together to make the ball!"

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Matchweek 21 by Ruth Emma

Some art can be dreamy, and just like that, Ruth brings us into her world and imagination with no boundaries. Like that one time she illustrated the Brazilian Ronaldo smiling for us, or his teammate Romario (probably in an interview claiming that he is the greatest of all time). Totti sleeping in the airplane is the one that fits Ringleaders best. Dreaming has not only brought our crew together for well over 18 years now, but has allowed us to connect with artists on the other side of the ocean.

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Matchweek 22 by Chris Dent

We lied to you. The RFC doesn't only have family in New York. They also have family in London, and they go by the name of The Soho Warriors! While our last encounter on the pitch remains controversial at best, with a questionable refereeing decision, our love and passion for our club unity is solid like a rock. Chris, alongside his brother Matt, runs a creative studio that has been making waves all over the world, disrupting the global culture of design and football in a clean and beautiful way. Let's just say, we love to give each other flowers.

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